Get a unified way to interact with 30+ shopping carts!
API2CART carts

Get Unified API for Multiple Shopping Carts

Optimize your integration with shopping carts, overcoming limits of every specific shopping platform.

  • Support of 30+ shopping cart platforms with all popular versions.
    Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, X-Cart and much more
  • Scalable infrastructure to handle thousands of stores
    Set of methods to work with different types of data (products, orders, customers).
  • Integration samples (PHP, C# etc)
    Detailed documentation and code examples are available at your disposal.
  • Professional tech support
    Highly-qualified engineers with years of eCommerce development experience are ready to assist you
  • High level of security
    Security Commitment guarantees safe shopping cart integration, data protection and high service availability.

Scalable infrastructure

Latest News

  • 27.12.12
    API2Cart released new updates for 1.23.445 service version. They include the following changes: New Shopping Carts Support From now on you can integrate successfully with: AceShop cart Pinnacle cart Tomatocart xt:Commerce 3, xt:Commerce Veyton Ubercart New Methods Added: We have extended functionality with new methods: cart.delete order.add, order.update for Interspire, Tomatocart Also,we have fixed the ability to retrieve meta fields for Shopify platform while performing product.list method. Moreover, the new version offers improved method performance for OpenCart. Enjoy new integration opportunities with API2Cart.
  • 01.07.12
    Hooray! API2Cart, unified shopping cart data interface officially commences its work. This means only one thing: new limitless possibilities in e-commerce are coming soon. With API2Cart you will be able to unify all the shopping carts you use under one interface. This service allows to retrieve data from hundreds and even thousands of shopping carts. At this moment it supports more than 40 major e-commerce platforms. Open new horizons for your business with API2Cart!

Case Studies

API2Cart is a unique solution which can be successfully implemented in different eCommerce areas. Using unified interface you can benefit in many ways:

  • extend your market share by supporting more shopping carts
  • optimize work with your software
  • save time and money on integration development
  • provide best quality service in your specific scope
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